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Prior to spending a lot of money …

… you may want to test some of the existing solutions in order to answer the following questions:

• Which solution covers most of our must-have requirments?
• How does it fit into our IT infrastructure?
• What is the total cost of ownership, when it comes to training, adaptation of processes and maintenance?
• Which vendor provides the best maintenance and service schemes?
• How about data exchange with other solutions and software products?
• How will our external service providers cope with the new software and its demands?

Software evaluation - provided you want to do it right - can be a time and cost intensive process. Most likely, one or two of your team members will have to install, test and document the functions of many different programs. Consequently, their work is missing throughout your daily business and this creates costs even before you decide which software product to acquire.

In order to avoid wrong decisions and find the solution that best fits your needs, you may want to speak to us. We know the solutions available on the market very well and can show you their pros and cons. We work independently from the software vendors and help you strengthen your position throughout the negotiation phase - this may have a positive impact on the service options you will be offered.