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Repetitive tasks are such a waste of time ...

... it would be a great help, if we could automate certain steps in our process. However, none of our staff members has the necessary programming skills - can you help us with this task?

Yes, we can. We develop customized solutions at an affordable rate. We program mostly in Visual Basic and use the Microsoft Office APIs as well as the software development kits of SDL Trados Studio and its predecessor SDL Trados 2007. You can find some samples of our work on the SDL AppStore:

secureSDLXLIFF - prepare and optimize Microsoft Word-, Excel- and PowerPoint documents for translation with a CAT tool such as SDL Trados Studio or SDL Trados 2007. The tool also allows to check whether your documents will survive the translation workflow without any issues.

SDLXLIFF Anonymizer - a plugin for SDL Trados Studio to reset or anonymise user information and information about machine translation systems and translation memory providers that are stored in SDLXLIFF documents.

TMX Anonymizer - reset the Creation User and Change User name in one or more TMX file and if necessary, even reset the usage counter of the translation units.

SDLXLIFFit! - send out source language SDLXLIFF files to your translators without having to run through the project wizard in SDL Trados Studio.

SaveAsTarget - create target documents from SDLXLIFF files without even starting SDL Trados Studio.

SDLTMExport - exporting TMX files from SDLTMs the easy way.

tw4winClean - clean up bilingual Word documents created with SDL Trados 2007 or WordFast without having Trados 2007 installed on your computer.

Contact us any time for an offer, if you want to automate redundant tasks and thus save time and money.