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The way linguistic data is organized makes a big difference ...

... when it comes to saving translation time and cost - depending on your business needs, you should follow a more pragmatic or a more academic approach. For the best results, it is very important that your data is properly organised. Your translation memories, your termbases and your bilingual reference files are very important assets, because they contain the know-how of your employees as well as the unique selling points of your products.

We have worked with many companies and service providers in the past and successfully created the structures of their linguistic databases. We know the tweaks and the options that make sense - with us you start with the best possible configuration.

Data mining – yes, but when?

Document alignment or extraction of terms from existing bilingual documents is used to fill translation memories or termbases with an initial set of entries. This work often has to be done in addition to the daily business and can be a time consuming process. Also, you should do it with a considerable amount of care as you do not want to end up with a whole bunch of wrong entries in your new databases or render a hugh database useless with a large number faulty entries! Often enough you need to move data records from an old system to the new system - data migration and conversion always comes with a certain risk to lose valuable data records.

For the best results you may want to rely on us. We work out the most efficient data migration path with minimal to no loss of data. As a result, you save time and money as you can concentrate on your daily business be sure to get consistent databases back from us.

Just one last word ...

... about data maintenance, which is an inevitable necessity when it comes to linguistic databases. TMs and termbases tend to grow quickly, however, any database is only as good as its entries. We can help you efficiantly maintaining your data and make sure that it is always in good shape.